Tuesday, May 18, 2010

The Beginning

I won't pretend my life is perfect. Although I wouldn't change the main components, there are parts of my life that definately need some tweaking.

I love my husband and he has given me that most beautiful, precious baby girl in the world. "Given" may the wrong choice of words. After 3 months of puking, 6 months of "hugeness", 50 lbs., a road map of stretch marks and 60 hours of med-free labor and delivery, she wasn't exactly a free and clear present. Fast forward to now. Sophia is just over 3 months old and I have become "that woman". You know the one. The one that puts twice as much time into her child as she does herself. She has adorable kids with cute little hair bows and precious mary-janes shoes, all the while shlubbing around in sweats and an old tank top. Her hair has roots showing and needs shape, life, ANYTHING! She reserves makeup for "special occasions". GAH! Really, Laurel??

I NEVER planned to be this woman. I have a fantastic collection of makeup including every color of the rainbow and various options for every category (i.e. eyeliner in liquid, creme, and pencil forms)! I have flat irons, curling irons, hot rollers, blow dryers, and plenty of product. I have several pairs of fabulous heels, a closet full of purses and more jewelry than my jewelry box can hold. I have almost always wanted to be the pretty girly-girl who has flawless hair and makeup and great fitting clothes with just the right amount of cleavage and leg. I can't say I ever became Cosmo cover material- but I tried, especially considering my fairly limited budget.

So how did I get here? I am literally sitting in my husband’s basketball shorts wearing and plain white tank top that shows way to much of my very unsexy nursing bra. I have on no makeup and my hair is in a disheveled pony tail. I am the anti hot.

After the 50 lbs of weight gain, even the birth of my daughter and 3 months of breastfeeding have left me with a very distant weight goal. Now is the time to start going after it. I have 20 lbs to go to just reach my prepregnancy weight. I was at good 10 lbs overweight before I got pregnant. That means I have 35ish pounds to go to be in the target zone. This blog is going to follow me through all 35 lbs of weight loss. After each 5 lbs lost, I will complete some other hotness-inducing action. It could be anything from a spray tan to new jeans.

My plan has to be simple. I am still breastfeeding so I can’t cut calories too drastically. That eliminates any fad diets or “flushes”. Nor can I get any help from diet pills, even FDA approved ones. I have to just eat healthier and smarter. I have been using a lot of recipes from and plan to continue doing so. I have a gym membership and plan to make it worth the money spent on it. I am not going to commit to using the gym daily, but I can incorporate daily physical activity for 45 mins. or more into my routine. Yesterday I did a 40 minute workout video from SELF magazine and then took Sophia for a 30 minute walk. I guess that means I need to get my chubby butt up and get some activity logged in for today. Wish me well!